Health & Safety during the Pandemic

In an effort to ensure the health and safety of my clients and myself, I have developed a set of new protocols for your massage sessions. 

Following are my "Best Practices" protocols, ongoing for the foreseeable future:

Before your massage I will ask a few questions: How are you feeling (any fever, cough, shortness of breath), have you had or been tested for Covid-19, is anyone in your immediate family sick, have you traveled in past 2 weeks, have you been with anyone who is positive for Covid in the past 2 weeks? I will also be monitoring my own health status each day as well. As time goes on, I will be able to relax some of these questions, but in the beginning they will be asked to ensure each of our good health and safety. 

I will ask you to read/sign the Health Information & Liability Waiver (located here, under Forms)

I will be wearing a face covering as well as you. A face mask/covering is to protect the other person in case they sneeze or cough, releasing droplets into the air. If you do not have one, I can provide it for you. If you cannot wear a mask, I will not be able to offer you a massage. We are in an enclosed space for 60-90 minutes and I have other clients to protect as well from this airborne virus. Thank you for respecting them and me. 

I will ask you to remove your shoes before entering my treatment room.

You can wash your hands before your massage.

I will scan your forehead to rule out a fever.

I have purchased a new room HEPA Air Purifier. Although my studio is extremely clean, with good air flow and windows, I felt it was best to have this extra level of cleanliness. This will also help with any allergens in the room. 

My regular routine cleaning protocol includes: Between each client- all sheets/blankets/towels washed, all surfaces are disinfected (door knobs, light switches, bathroom surfaces, massage table/face cradle, massage cream bottle/hot stones, desk/pens, front door knob and stair hand rail.) 

As always, my practice is based on quality, not quantity. Simply meaning, I only see 3 clients/day, with at least an hour between each.  This gives me plenty of time to clean and disinfect between sessions. And, you get my full attention at each and every massage without the pressure of getting off the table quickly, as in a Franchise massage business.

I encourage you to visit my Facebook page, as I have more day to day info on it. And.... it's positive and fun to read! :) 

Thank you for your understanding and for supporting my local Small Business!