Mindful Therapeutic Massage

New policy for next stage of pandemic

Edit: January, 2022

Here we are post holidays, with a new variant of Covid. Even though we are all vaccinated here, we both will be wearing our masks during your session. Omicron is very transmissable, even among the vaccinated and boosted. I'm not so concerned about getting ill from Covid, but the Long Covid is what I'm trying to avoid, from a breakthough case. And, I certainly don't want to transmit the virus to any of my clients. 

Also, if you have any flu or cold symptoms, please let me know so that we can reschedule. I don't care to catch those bugs either! ;)  Better safe than sorry! Thanks for your understanding. 


Edit to masking policy: August, 2021

As the Delta variant is increasing in our area, I will be wearing my mask during your massage. Masking is optional for you. 

However, due to the high transmission rate of Delta even among those of us who are vaccinated, leading to breakthrough cases, I ask that you be mindful of your activities in public prior to your massage when considering whether you should wear a mask.


May, 2021

In accordance with the CDC recommendation that vaccinated people can safely remove their masks when with other vaccinated people, I am beginning a new policy within my massage practice.

Beginning on June 1st, I will only be accepting vaccinated clients. This assures Peace of Mind to every one of my clients that we are vaccinated, which will help us to relax even more during your massage! You can feel free to no longer wear your mask while getting your massage. If you would like me to keep mine on, I’ll be happy to do so. (Several of my clients feel more comfortable keeping it on and that’s great too!)

I have many immuno-compromised and at risk clients who I think deserve to breathe a little easier while getting their massage. Also, as my business is within my home, I think I also deserve to enjoy this new freedom as a vaccinated person!

For those who wish to rebook and for new clients, I encourage you to get the vaccine! It’s easy peasy, free, and will help to get us all to the place we want to be! If you choose not to get the vaccine, I can refer you to other massage therapists.

Thank you for your understanding and Congratulations to us for making it to this newfound freedom!!


Ongoing virus protocols:

Kindly remove your shoes before entering my treatment room.

You may wash your hands before your massage, or use provided hand sanitizer.

Although my studio is extremely clean, with good air flow and windows, as an extra precaution I use a HEPA Air Purifier. This will also help with any allergens in the room. 

My regular routine cleaning protocol includes: Between each client- all sheets/blankets/towels washed, all surfaces are disinfected (door knobs, light switches, bathroom surfaces, massage table/face cradle, massage cream bottle/hot stones, desk/pens, front door knob and stair hand rail.) 

As always, my practice is based on quality, not quantity. Simply meaning, I only see 3 clients/day, with at least an hour between each.  This gives me plenty of time to clean and disinfect between sessions. And, you get my full attention at each and every massage without the pressure of getting off the table quickly, as in a Franchise massage business.

I encourage you to visit my Facebook page, as I have more day to day info on it. And.... it's positive and fun to read! :) 


Thank you for your understanding and for supporting my local Small Business!