Mindful Therapeutic Massage

Meet Your Therapist

For 30 years I was a massage client, before changing careers from healthcare to Massage Therapy. Usually I sought out massage for relief from anxiety and tight, sore muscles. As a result, I understand what it's like to receive massage and how vital it is for my Mind/Body Self-Care. I wanted to give back to my clients all the enormous benefits of Massage and pass on the "Ahhhhh's" that I received from wonderful caring massage therapists for all those years, and still do!

Mindfulness and attention to detail are brought into each and every massage. My work is grounded in evidence-based massage and is focused on the nervous system, as this is where pain originates from. We will work together to encourage your nervous system to settle down, and in turn, allowing your muscles to soften, relax and let go of tension. The benefits of massage are cumulative, best felt when receiving massage on a regular basis. My home studio offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere to guide my client out of the "fight/flight" cycle, into one of increasing relaxation, pain reduction and healing. I encourage deep breathing during your massage to facilitate further relaxation from within your body. 

I have received additional certifications in:

Oncology Massage ~ This is a safe and therapeutic massage for those affected by cancer and cancer treatments, in all stages. I am a member of S4OM - Society for Oncology Massage. 

 Massage for Trauma & PTSD and Bodywork for Depression& Anxiety~ I have been trained in this type of massage, which addresses the need for a consent-based and trauma-informed approach to ensure feelings of safety throughout the massage. Feeling comfortable while someone is working on your body is important for anyone, and especially for those who have previously been trauma-exposed, and for whom a bad-experience massage could be retraumatizing. Conversely, a good-experience massage can feel nurturing, another potential source of healing. 

*Not currently offering Prenatal Massage or  Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

Certifications/Continuing Education:                       

-Bodywork for Depression & Anxiety

-Massage for Trauma & PTSD

-Helping Clients Manage Migraines

-Myofascial Release Massage

-Hot Stone Therapy

-Prenatal Massage Therapy

-Manual Lymph Drainage Massage 

-Oncology Massage


Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have! I look forward to forming a partnership, as we work together to help you reach your wellness goals.  

Kathy Smith, LMT, CMLD        

RI license# MT02345

MA license# 14151